A Church with a Heart for our Community

September 17th Tuesday

Greetings to you in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! What a beautiful, almost fall, day in the Kingdom! I checked the weather forecast for the next few days and the forecast is positive…but we are being told to enjoy these days for change is a-coming! Actually I think that is a biblical forecast as well! I trust you had a lovely weekend with many blessings and opportunities to interact with family and friends. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to release hope, shalom-peace, and joy unspeakable in simple abundance.

This morning I have been catching up on a few emails and one in particular is speaking to me. It is a word of prophecy that connects to a vision of a bucket being lowered into a well and then being drawn up from the depths. As it is being raised there is fresh clean water in the bucket which is a surprise because no one knew there was any water there. In applying this vision the well is you and I as followers of the Christ. The bucket is the Holy Spirit and He is bringing to the surface gifts and abilities – water – that no one knew was there. These gifts and abilities are fresh and clean…sparkling. The water in the vision was what was needed by the people waiting around the well…and the gifts and abilities that are coming to the surface in you and I are just what those around are in need of. God is on the move in the church and He needs/wants what you and I have to offer from our ‘well’.

The second thing that catches my attention is an article about singing hymns. It is excerpts from an interview with Joni Eareckson-Tada. She is encouraging Christians to sing the great hymns that are reflective of the foundational theology of our faith…”when we sing great hymns of the faith, we are learning great doctrine and we don’t even know it.” …She was  observing how easy it is to pick-up lines and jingles from television/radio …’Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of memorizing jingles, we had hymns coursing through our mind and memory throughout the day?” She commented on the deeper purpose for congregational singing – to establish and enhance the unity we have as believers – “God is hearing His bride, His church, the army He has raised up with Jesus as the captain of our salvation. He’s hearing that grand, total chorus of worshipers with one voice. That brings Him tremendous glory.”

Maybe the water that God wants to draw from you and I, is our ‘song’!  Something to ponder today. Have a blessed day