A Church with a Heart for our Community

September 15th Tuesday

Greetings to you – loved, forgiven, and restored – in the wonderful, beautiful, and powerful name of Jesus Christ … THE Risen Saviour! What a lovely late summer morning in the Kingdom  – God is revealing Himself through the beauty of this day that He made for us. Let us respond with a symphony of rejoicing and expressions of gladness! I trust that you had a great weekend and Monday with divine appointments, moments of meditation, and a few “God-winks” to ponder this morning. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to release all that you need to feel His presence and His love and His awareness of your needs.

Yesterday was the first “post covid19” gathering for our Monday noon-hour prayer time. The attendance was small but we had large prayers and an even larger God-presence. I believe that God was pleased to see us ready to host His presence and hear our “Cry For the City” and to hear our “thank-yous” for all He has done.

This morning I am reminded of a chorus that we used to sing in our prayer times – Christ is the answer to our every need-Christ is the answer He is our Friend indeed – Problems of life our spirit may assail – With Christ as Saviour we will never fail – Christ is the answer to our need. I suppose that is more powerfully true now than it has ever been…and perhaps we should just sing…”Christ is the answer!” The most interesting thing to me is that no matter how complicated and involved and personal the questions are the “answer” is simple, transforming, powerful, and “perfect.”

The answers can be as unpredictable as He often is…one moment He is teaching and then He is rebuking and then He is welcoming children and then He is healing with a word and then healing with a touch…and a handful of mud. He evades the questions of the critics with cunning wisdom. He speaks with power to the winds and affirms acts of kindness so gently. He never seems to know where He is going but always seems to be exactly where He needs to be. I guess Jesus is more than the answer…Jesus is – Himself!

No wonder that the more we follow Him and the more we interact with him and the more we listen to him and the more we experience his presence…we find ourselves singing – I keep falling in love with Him-Over and over and over again-He gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by-O the love between my Lord and I-I keep falling in love with Him-Over and over again! And Jesus does not simply give answers…He is the answer!

Have a blessed day!