A Church with a Heart for our Community

September 14th Thursday

Greetings to you in the name of the Living Water, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! Another beautiful September morning in the Kingdom that the Father has created for us to enjoy and praise Him for. I think someone should write a song about September mornings! This morning I am thanking God for His goodness and unrelenting search for those best parts of me that I don’t even know are there! Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to let you experience the presence of the one who comes to seek and save you.

My morning devotional reminded today of the uniqueness and simplicity of the Christian faith. “No other religion has a God who came down to earth to die for those who want to know Him.” – Selwyn Hughes. “Man does not have to climb to the infinite and become God, because, out of love, the infinite God descends to the finite and becomes man …” Alan Watts. The ‘good news’ of Christianity is that we don’t have to find God…we have to let Him find us. I know from personal experience that when you need God most- you cry out to Him – and He finds you!

I am drawn to the words of a song: If you’ve got pain – He’s the pain taker – If you feel lost – He’s the way maker – If you need freedom or saving – He’s the prison shaking Saviour – If you’ve got chains – He’s the chain breaker … Zach Williams. As I ponder these words…and sing them over a time or two…God whispers to me: I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears …I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise, and I am saved from my enemies … In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice … In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and he answered by setting me free … I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me… Psalm 34:4; 18:3,6; 118:5; 120:1. 

God says to me, “My servant, David…a man after my heart, knew that if you call out to me – I will find you!” – that is as complicated as it gets.

Be blessed!