A Church with a Heart for our Community

October 4th Thursday

Greetings to you on this “ish day” – dampish, grayish, warmish, Fallish! I give you the name of the One who just happened to show up in our lives at just the right time, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! I trust that you are enjoying your week so far and that you are discovering things to be thankful for that you have never considered before. I will be praying for you today, asking Father. to anoint – smear you – with the presence of the Holy Spirit so that you can touch someone else’s life.

Last night was ourmid-week gathering for Bible study…although at the moment we are watching a video called – “The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi.” We have been looking at details that we normally don’t bother ourselves about. We have learned a little bit more about Bethlehem and where Jesus was born…and about the ‘swaddling cloths’ and the other sacrificial lambs. We looked at Jesus’ childhood and apprenticeship as a ‘stone-mason’ when we visited Nazareth. We looked again at His first miracle

Then we travelled to Capernaum and followed the Rabbi Jesus as He taught from village to village. We considered the act of forgiveness and that it is a requirement for Christians. We looked at the significance¬†of bread, Bethlehem, and the number 490. And last night we went to the Sea of Galilee to learn about visiting foreign countries…just on the other side of the ‘lake’ and not being afraid to ‘touch’ Jesus and fishing on the ‘right hand side of the boat’.¬†

I think that we have discovered that there are many details contained in the record of Jesus’ life that we have missed and although they seem rather insignificant, the life of Jesus is enhanced when you understand the importance of details. However, one of the highlights of Wednesday nights is sharing these video teaching with brothers and sisters who are following the Rabbi Jesus. Perhaps today you could reach out to one or two of your spiritual amily and share a conversation…I think that would make the Rabbi smile.

Blessings on you!