A Church with a Heart for our Community

October 24th Wednesday

Greetings to you in the ‘name’ that calms our fear and creates a peace beyond understanding, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! What a lovely October morning – brilliant sunshine, sky blue skies, and a breeze with a ‘bite!’ I trust that you had a grand weekend and have settled into the week with purpose and anticipation. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to release healing, rejuvenating energy, and ‘unshakeable hope!’

Tonight is our connections group and we are beginning a new video study called – “UNSHAKEABLE HOPE” … building our lives on the promises of God. I believe it is going to encourage us and maybe challenge us a little as well. The presenter is Max Lucado, and he is a warm, gentle communicator.

Last Friday was ‘new music release’ and there were a number of good cd-albums to chech out and listen to. However, one of my favourites was a really positive, upbeat one by a group called – Jesus Culture. In the song is a ‘bridge verse’ and the chorus which say: My past is in the grave-My sin is washed away-This is Christ in me-I’m living unashamed-Now my heart’s forever changed-This is Christ in me … The past is gone, the future can wait-Oh, my soul, what a beautiful day-What a beautiful day-I breathe You in, shout out Your praise-Oh, my soul, what a beautiful day-What a beautiful day.

I appreciated the reminder to enjoy the “moment” .. there is a past and there is a future but the “now” is so important. I wonder how many “nows” we don’t enjoy or appreciate or celebrate because of the regrets and memories of the past – and the fear and questions about future days. As the Gaither song stated...yesterday’s gone and tomorrow may never come but we have these moments today. We are reminded in the Bible that “today” is truly important and that “this is the day…”today”…that the Lord has designed for us.

Another verse in the song I began with says:  Your face, brighter than the sun-Your grace rewrites every wrong-Wherever I go, I’m never alone-I’m waking up, I come alive …What a beautiful day!

Why not take a moment or six…to enjoy your ‘now’? Perhaps you could declare in faith — “Oh, my soul, what a beautiful day!”  Have a blessed day!