A Church with a Heart for our Community

November 21st Wednesday

Greetings to you in the name of the One who says that He is “the door” and “the way-the truth-the life”, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! What a lovely late autumn day in the Kingdom…a day that has been designed and created just for us! I trust that all is well in your world and that you sense the closeness of His presence in such a way that you detect the fragrance of it and hear the lingering notes of His song over you. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to release a divine touch on you…body, soul, and spirit…restoring, healing, and forgiving.

It is great to be writing today as the past week or two have not allowed time and opportunity…and I have much to write about. I believe that there has been at least two – “New Release Fridays” and there has been an album or three that caught my attention. First, there was Chris Tomlin – “Holy Roar” and then Robin Mark – “An Irish Symphony” and then Casting Crowns – “Only Jesus” and then Russ Taff – “Believe”. I thought that I should chose the one I liked the best, but…I got all four and am enjoying the ministry of “singing unto the Lord new songs”.

I have had the pleasure of reading a new book – “Throne Room Prayer” by Brian and Candice Simmons. I  adjusted my anticipation and enjoyment and learning that was evident in the early reading and I am reading just a chapter a day – as part of my morning discipline. I have been learning much that is challenging my approach to prayer. I particularly was challenged by he concept of moving from the atmosphere of the prayer room into the throne room. It seems that when we enter the throne room – prayer changes from “preaching prayers” to “power-assisted prayers’ of thankfulness and intercession. When one is in the throne room the “air currents’ of the Holy Spirit are manifest. One of the concepts that provoked some pondering was…”it is more important to ask God for the impartation of good instead of having a negative focus on removing evil. Good overcomes evil…Many of us do not even realize how negative our praying has become.” – Brian & Candice Simmons.

I think that I will leave  you to ponder…do you pray from the prayer room or from the throne room?

“Blessings on you!”