A Church with a Heart for our Community

November 21st Friday

Greetings in the name of  manifests the depth and height and breadth of God’s love for us, Jesus Christ – THE Crucified and Risen Saviour! What a great morning in the Kingdom…good travelling weather! I trust that you have had an excellent week – amid all the weather and health issues and waiting times and personal challenges. I hope that you are excited about the weekend and gathering with your ‘faith family’ and singing-praying-praising-serving! I will be praying for you today, asking Father to anoint you with spiritual ‘flexibility’, so that you won’t get bent out of shape.

I want you to begin getting ready for the annual excursion to a place of deep mystery. It is a place very near and yet very far for many. Next Sunday, November 30th, will be the first Sunday of Advent when we will join the Christian community as it revisits Bethlehem and that first Christmas. We will explore our accumulated hopes and fears. We will re-enter our traditions and sing the songs that mark this season. We will be touched by God’s majesty and find something within us that responds to that divine touch. We will be pushed forward by a world that wants to get past this celebration so that they can … forget that God is at the very centre of it all. We will need to be tenacious in our quest to prepare the place of deep mystery – our heart. Although we know that this “Word of God made flesh” has come and gone – there is a void characterized by a longing for something more. It seems that we instinctively know that God is not finished writing ” His-story .”

 We, as Christ-followers, remember and celebrate the mighty actions of God creating a moment in time to allow his Son to step into the physical world…but we are,also, the ones who are looking past that grand event believing that there is another entering into this world coming our way. So, I want us, you and I, to begin preparing for the start of Advent 2014. I suggest that we find a journal or logbook or notepad…whatever, and start making a list of things you will need for the journey and things you don’t need – start mapping out your route as you allow God’s word to speak to you – allow the songs and worship music to find a deeper place within you – clean your place of mystery and take out the trash, you might discover a treasure you want to bring back – pay attention to the familiar people in your life – ponder why that stranger has appeared in your midst – and don’t forget to allow awe and wonder to invade your being.

I personally believe that Advent and Christmas 2014 is going to be significant for many…who knows, this could be the last Advent and Christmas before God starts to put his ‘action-plan’ into full-speed ahead!  We had “better watch out, better not pout for Jesus is on his way!”

Have a great weekend – be a blessing and may you receive a blessing!