A Church with a Heart for our Community

May 31st Tuesday

Greetings to you in the name of “Elohim – He who is mighty and strong and faithful” and Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! What a beautiful morning in the Kingdom…brought to you by your Father-God – He’s got a good day going for us! I trust that you had a good weekend and Monday – with an awareness of God’s blessings around you. I will be praying for you today, asking Father to be “the Lifter of Your Head” and the “Shade from the heat”!

I have already done it four times now and to confess to you will probably cause you to question my intelligence. A few minutes after arriving at the office I looked at the wall clock and thought…”I am earlier than I thought.” However I went back to some reading and arranging…then I looked at the clock again – still the same time! I know time drags when you are working but not to move at all. Then I noticed that the second hand wasn’t moving. Ah! the battery must have ‘died’ and now the clock will only be correct two times every 12 hours. So after a a time, I look at the clock that I now know isn’t going to be any different – I don’t have a spare battery with me – and guess what…it is still at the same place! Okay – I really know the clock will not show the correct time, but why do I look at it again!?

And then I hear God chuckle and with a knowing voice say, “My people do that all the time! They let there ‘batteries’ run down and keep looking at their spiritual ‘clock’ to see if there is any movement. They are stuck at a time and place. They are waiting for the movement of my spirit in their lives without doing something about their ‘spiritual battery’.  I have installed a “rechargeable energy source” – RES, within their being. I have reminded them over and over again through Scripture…”return to the Lord” and “be renewed” and “I will lead you beside still waters to restore your soul’ and “hope in the Lord will renew your strength”. I have inspired writers and musicians through the years to encourage them but all they seem to do is abandon me – the life-giving restore point, for stagnant cisterns of stale water.”

Why is it that I run my spiritual battery down until there is little, if any, energy left and then expect the “clock face” of my life to indicate activity? Why is it that I don’t go to the “restore point” and connect my RES? Why is that I think that I can get by with a “quick charge”? Why do I avoid doing what I know needs to happen in order to get a ‘deep refilling’ of spiritual energy? And…why did I just look at that clock again? I am going to remove it until I get a new battery. Oh…that sounds like another insight coming!

Something to ponder…have a blessed day!