A Church with a Heart for our Community

May 26th Thursday

Greetings in the name of “I Am” , Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! Another warm late Spring morning…a little shower to wash the dust off of the greenery and to encourage the birds to sing. I knew it wouldn’t take long but I have already heard someone complaining about the heat…oh well – Christmas and Boxing Day are only seven months away! Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to let ‘springs of living water’ to flood your being…refreshing and restoring you.

Today is ‘Day 2″ of being back at the office…and it feels good – Praise the Lord! This morning as I was driving along and listening to my “car-tunes” – God decided it was time to speak to me…and therefore – you!In fact, He was so insistent that I get the message that He sent a devotional along – I will put it in the ‘prayer email’. The song was called: Right Now and was being sung by the Taylors. The catch-line was: “He’s (God) never been more faithful than He is right now!” – and the chorus: “Right now He is steady and unchanging – Right now all is under His control – See how God is working and arranging – What He did and what He does – Seems impossible to us – Bur right now He is more faithful than He’s ever been before!” 

The challenge of living in the “right now” seems to be what God is communicating.I went to the Bible and was directed to two passages to consider. First, in Psalm 118:24, I was reminded that – “Today is the day that the Lord has made…” – today, not yesterday or tomorrow…TODAY! I went looking for references to ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’…and although we are told to look back and remember – and we are to look ahead and hope — “Today” is the day we are to live in and enjoy, to savour the aroma and taste of this day.

Then I was directed to Lamentations 3:22-24 and that beautiful reminder that with every new morning – TODAY – God gives us new mercies, new expressions of His love…He is never more faithful than He is right now! Therefore we have hope – living hope! – today! I, of course, must refer to the words of a song, this one by Bill & Gloria Gaither – “We have these moments (right now – today) to hold in our hands – And watch as they slip through our fingers like sand – Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow may never come – But we have these moments today!

I suppose that we can waste a lot of ‘life’ reliving the past or trying to live in future days. Today is day He made for us to live in -Today is the day He fills with mercies – Today is the day we must enjoy and treasure – He not only made “TODAY” for us, He made “US” for today!

Something to think about…be blessed!