A Church with a Heart for our Community

May 24th Tuesday

Greetings to you in the name of the “Light of the World”, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! What a beautiful morning in the Kingdom and we are alive to see it and enjoy it! I trust that you had a grand weekend and Monday – enjoying all the blessings that God sent your way and hearing the whisper of His voice. I will be praying for you today, asking Father to release a holy excitement in your being that will cause others to be curious and ask for an explanation.

God, as we know, likes to work outside-the-box in revealing truths to us…and He used a very interesting source to highlight an important aspect of reading-studying the Bible. In fact, I had briefly shared the principle of meditating on God’s Word in Sunday’s sermon and then God sent a “Weight Watchers” pamphlet to me via my wife. The article that God drew my attention to was about “eating slowly and mindfully” – and I knew that it could be applied to more satisfaction and encouragement in reading the Bible. 

The challenge was to read the Bible slowly so that I can be more aware of what I am taking in, not taking big bites. I was challenged to read slowly so that my mind could keep pace so that I would not ‘overeat’ a lot of content and miss the feeling of being satisfied. Then came the encouragement to linger over what I had read – focusing on the sights and sounds and aroma of what the words were evoking … this brought an enjoyment. Another aspect of eating (reading) slowly was no indigestion, no sick feeling that comes with cramming too much too fast into my system. Finally, there is a sense of control that comes with reading slowly. You get to enjoy without going overboard with passages you really like.

There were a few helpful tips about eating that I could apply to reading…put the fork or spoon down between bites – put the Bible down after a few verses ; finish what you have already eaten before taking another bite – let the words you read settle before reading more ; add a few more chews before swallowing – roll the words over a time or two before leave them ; sip some water between bites – invite the Holy Spirit to flow in each passage you read ; pace yourself to the slowest eater – pace yourself so that you are not speed reading.

Just so your could self-evaluate your eating patterns they included a “Check Your Speed” chart with four areas highlighted with the possibility of 5 responses ranging from: Always to Most of the Time – Sometimes – Rarely – Never. The question asked was: How often do you eat – or for my purposes: how often do you read – “Sitting Down” – “At a Table” – “Without Electronics” (television, computers, smartphone) – “For at Least 20 Minutes”. Now in case you are wondering if I have lost it…there are several references in the Bible to “eating the word(s) of God” and several references to the word(s) of God having a flavour..like honey.

Anyway, I believe that God wanted me to think, not simply about reading the Bible but about how I was reading the Bible and therefore how much nutrition and enjoyment I was receiving. As I said – God uses unique ways to communicate with me…and you!

Have a great day – be blessed!