A Church with a Heart for our Community

May 23rd Tuesday

Greetings to you in the name of the One whose touch can change everything, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Savior!  I trust that you had grand weekend and are entering a new week re-energized. Before I go any further  want to declare…this is the day that the Lord has made! Now will you join me in rejoicing and being glad in it?

Over the past weeks in the Ladies Bible Study they have been looking at Ephesians 6:10-20 and spiritual armor…and I think they have had a good time or so I have heard. More than a few times I have come across references to those verses and the putting on of spiritual armor. In case you aren’t familiar with that portion…let us pause for a few minutes and go get your Bible so you can reacquaint yourself. Note the references to “prayer” and “standing.”

This morning in my devotions, the writer shared some words on prayer and spiritual armor…let me give them to you:

II know there is power in prayer, and I will not neglect my prayer today. I press int your presence, and I will return to you over and over again throughout my day. May my intercession build a wall of protection around my soul. I put on the armor of God as I prepare to face what is ahead. I put on your truth as a belt to strengthen me to stand in triumph. I put on your holiness, which covers my heart. I stand with my feet alert, ready to share your peace. Your faith is my wraparound shield, salvation is my helmet, and your Word is my Spirit-sword. May victory be my  rallying cry and testimony today! – Brian Simmons, Prayers From The Throne Room.

May these words bless you today!