A Church with a Heart for our Community

March 28th Thursday

Greetings to you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! This must be a true Spring morning – the sunshine has taken and a break so that rain can wash some of the dust away…even nature has to do some Spring cleaning! Never mind – it is still a God-designed, created, and presented to us so that we can chose to rejoice! Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to gently touch your body, mind, and spirit in transforming ways to encourage and strengthen and prepare you for the plans He has for you today.

The retired Archbishop of Canterbury was in our area two weeks ago and spoke at an area church about ‘discipleship’  in 2019. Although I was not in attendance, there was a brief mention in the newspaper…and I found it, as one of the attendees said – ‘simple and profound’.

He spoke about “prayer” which is of interest to me, saying that: prayer is our deepest contact with Jesus Christ and is vital since we can only hang out with him in spirit … prayer does not consist in primarily asking God for things but in receiving God … prayer is awareness of being a creature in God’s presence …it helps–to temporarily empty  your mind of all distractions and just be still … being God’s son or daughter in God’s presence is how we learn who we really are. As I seem to spend time in the realm of “corporate prayer” it was good to be reminded how important “personal prayer” is.

Last night was the last lesson in our video Bible study on the promises of God and we were looking at God’s promise that He has set a date for the judgment to take place. We spent some time discussing “Judgment Day” and related ideas .. one of those ideas was that God was going to make all things “new” – heaven and earth. Then  this morning in one of my devotional readings, I was reminded that the most anticipated event in our Christian faith-journey is not “heaven” but the bodily return of Jesus Christ and with that, the renewal of all things.

God’s timing in ‘teaching’ and ‘reminding’ that completely without my help or planning…He arranged for me to be reading John’s Gospel at this time and that on this day I would be reading John, chapter 17, which deals with the Lord’s Prayer for the church and unity. Why is that significant, you ask? Well today, after three plus years of nothing happening within the family of faith in our city – there is a luncheon gathering for ministers and church leaders … at this moment there are thirty or so planning to be in attendance. God is so good!

Just a few things to think about … be blessed!