A Church with a Heart for our Community

June 24th Wednesday

Greetings to you in the name of our beautiful, wonderful, and powerful Saviour, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Lord! What an interesting morning in the Kingdom…a little cooler, lots of mysterious clouds, raindrops are trying to find an entrance, and the sun is playing peek-a-boo! As we rejoice and be glad in this day, I am thankful that God is extravagant in His creation! I trust that all is well in your world today – I will be praying for you, asking Father to release healing for your body, peace for your mind, strength for your heart, and direction for your feet to walk.

This morning God taught me three new words to describe how He answers our prayers. It was just a day or two ago that I told folk that God simply responds…”yes”-“no”-“not yet” — so He wanted to expand my definition base. I sometimes think that God designs His own “thesaurus” so we understand that His knowledge base is incredible. Anyway, through a devotional I was introduced to: “immediately” – “eventually” – and “ultimately” as types of responses to our prayers.

Now, the interesting thing is He never gave me a new definition to “no”- only three ways to say “yes” that I can identify with. I am reminded that the only prayer that God doesn’t answer is the one that is never prayed! Therefore, I can be assured that if I pray…He will answer!…and it will be with some variation of “yes!” – if I will wait on Him and not give up. I suppose in some ways the answer to prayer is dependent upon me…or you. First, we have to pray! Second, we have to wait. Third, we have to let Him answer ... immediately or eventually or ultimately.

Of course, we need to recognise the answers and be thankful for them…and that can be more difficult than we can imagine. I suppose that is why the Bible has verse after verse that highlight the words – praise, rejoice, thanks, thanksgiving, magnify, exalt, worship – in relation to our approach to God. 

Something to think about —  have a blessed day!