A Church with a Heart for our Community

June 23rd Tuesday

Greetings to you in the beautiful, wonderful, and powerful name of Jesus Christ -THE Risen Savior! What a delightful Summer morning in the Kingdom…enjoying the warm temperatures and some much needed rain! Yes, we will acknowledge this as a day that the Lord has made by rejoicing and being glad! I trust that you had a great weekend and Monday with much to thank God for and to tell others about. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to release His provision for your specific needs and that His strength would give you joy.

What an answer to many prayers…gathering in our church building to worship with our spiritual family – after 14 Sundays of not doing so…talk about a month of Sundays, this was a whole season – Spring – of Sundays. Our leadership had planned very well to look after us and keep us safe. Our ‘new normal’ was a little awkward but that will change as we progress and as we pray with a better understanding and as we begin to “hope again” in our unique context.

I was thinking of these things this morning  and God sent me a reminder or two of how to appreciate the plans He has for us. There are three things to consider about our purpose for gathering and worshipping together. First – we must love God with all that we have…body, soul, mind, and heart – the greatest commandment. Second, we share our daily life with Him in whatever our context is. Third, we must allow His life to fill our life and to be expressed through ours, so that others will see. 

There is one other thing that God shared with me this morning. He reminded me of the words of a song…Wash from my hands the dust of earthly striving-Take from my mind the stress of secret fear-Cleanse Thou the wounds from all but Thee far hidden-And rise Immanuel’s tide and my heart overflow…Albert Orsborn. God was simply stating that we were a little dusty and needing a little tune-up. He very distinctly said that we needed to let go of our reserve and praise Him ! He said that praise would cleanse us and re-calibrate our body-mind-spirit.

So let me give you a simple exercise…get your praise going: sing a praise song – Praise my soul the King of Heaven or Praise God from whom all blessings flow; read Psalm 95 or 98 or 100 – and if you really want to let go read them out loud or even sing them!; put an extra big smile on your face that will make someone ask what is wrong with your face?…and then tell them every good thing about God that you can think of. Wash the dust off of your praise button!

Something to think about … let the joy of the Lord give you strength – and be blessed!