A Church with a Heart for our Community

June 20th Wednesday

Good Morning! Greetings in the name of the ‘one who can make things happen’…’ego eimi’ – The I Am, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! Well, the last day of Spring looks likes it’s ‘pouting’ and won’t give us a sunny smile … nevertheless, this is the day that God has made for us and so we will rejoice and find meaning in it! I will be praying for you today, asking Father to move into any area of your life that needs His re-creative touch and do what He is so good at doing..a miracle.

I don’t know about you and internet-emails-etc. but I amaze myself…at times. I find myself on websites that I was not looking for and discover content that I did not know I was looking for. Now, I am talking about the “good stuff”, I have stumbled into the “bad stuff” a few times as well, I also find that I get emails from ministry sites and I really don’t know how that happened either. Sometimes it is a blessing … and sometimes not so much.

A few weeks ago I started receiving emails from a Christian ministry and I honestly don’t know why or how…but it turned out to be a real positive. It is actually a Christian publishing website and many of their books and authors are ones that I am familiar with. I enjoy knowing what new books are coming and what are the ‘trendy topics’ that are out there. Today, to my delight, I discovered that they also have a TV site with streaming and online videos…really cool! It so happens that today’s guest was a man I know and respect sharing his testimony about finding the focus for his ministry. It was so encouraging and challenging at the same time.

I really appreciate how God surprises you with something that He knows you need and that will equip you for the next ‘leg’ of your journey. I think that is the definition¬†of and purpose for ‘serendipities’. I suppose in context that God uses the internet-email to deliver His messages direct to our ‘inbox’ … He is so technically advanced.

Have a great day!