A Church with a Heart for our Community

June 18th Thursday

Greetings to you in the powerful, beautiful, and wonderful name of Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! Another beautiful morning in the Kingdom and another opportunity to ‘rejoice and be glad’ in a day that has been designed, created, and activated by the Lord! What are you going to do with this day? Is there someone who needs a phone call and a few words of encouragement? Is there someone who needs a note or an encouragement card in the mail? Is there someone who needs your prayers? Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to use you today to touch someone’s life in a meaningful way…and as you serve Him today may you hear His “well-done!”

I am not sure if you ever had one of those moments when you sense that God has a little smile as He is teaching us a lesson. I have a situation where I really need God’s help…and so I spent some time in prayer. I asked for His guidance and direction. I listened to some music and worshipped Him. After a time I carefully gave Him the situation and said my “amen.” Now that sounds good…doesn’t it?

However, in about thirty minutes I thought maybe I should look up some information on the internet. I suppose I spent longer than I thought I would. Of course, looking for a little information on ‘this’ lead to information on ‘that’ which directed me another area. You know how it goes. So, this morning I asked God how He was doing with my prayer request for His help.

And, He, with a little smile said He had put it aside for a time. Well, I wanted to know why He did that…perhaps I should have left it alone, and one day I will remember to do it that way. He gently and politely suggested that since I didn’t seem to need His help after all, He decided to let it rest. I asked Him what He meant because I really did need His help. You know where this going don’t you? He reminded me that within thirty minutes of finishing my prayers and praise and surrender…I had taken the situation back so I could work it out. He told me…with a smile…that if I was going to handle the situation myself…it was okay with Him.

Okay, I know that you have never done anything like that…given Him a problem or situation or asked for guidance – and continued to worry-work-waste time thinking you can make it happen. Well, I apologised and made a fresh request for His help with a determination to let Him have room and time to do what He does so wonderfully well. I think I’ll get a coffee and spend some time reading His Word.

Just a little something to ponder…have a blessed day!