A Church with a Heart for our Community

July 9th Thursday

Greetings to you in the name of “the Lord. the Rock” (Isaiah 26:4), Jesus Christ – THE Crucified and Risen Saviour!  “…and the rain is falling on the meadows…” once again and “…raindrops keep falling on my head…” – isn’t good of God to provide inspiration for songs! Never mind, …the sun will come out tomorrow!… I know what you are saying, or at least thinking –. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to ‘circle you with His love’ and lift your spirit!

This morning, I have been reflecting and pondering about an occurrence in recent corporate prayer times. A few times a silence has moved into the gathering. Now I have been taught not to let periods of silence linger in prayer meetings and so I have been challenged. The problem is that this silence is not uncomfortable or awkward, but Presence-filled. So, in the midst of my ponderings, God released a flow of thought – Scripture and quotes and song lyrics. God seems to like doing that for and to me as of late.

Someone has said, “Prayer is so powerful, and I think that sometimes we don’t give it its due.” Then this: “Silence in prayer is often not something we orchestrate; rather it is a gift that can come upon us quite unexpectedly Instead of rushing to fill the gap, we learn to embrace the gift as the better part of our time of prayer.” Wesley and Stacey Campbell. God reminded me of words that I like to quote: Be still (and silent) and now that I am God…Psalm 46:10. Could it be that if I really want to experience and know God…I need to be silent.

From another person’s perspective: In silent contemplation, a supernatural drawing takes place…having come to the end of words, I simply stare in silence at the person of God – I look at Him, and He looks at me.” Perhaps that is what is so disconcerting about silence in prayer. Mother Teresa was asked about her prayer time: “What do you say to God when you talk to him?” “Mostly, I just listen,” she replied. I suppose it is hard to hear God if we fill all the moments with talk.

A new song contains the words: “Find me at the feet of Jesus-Saviour find with my heart bowed down-Find me on my knees-Find me close to Thee-Find me at the feet of Jesus.” – Chris Tomlin/Jonas Myrin/Matt Redman. Into my mind comes the words of a chorus I often used during altar calls: “Silently now I wait for thee-Ready my God thy will to see-Open my eyes, illumine me-Spirit divine” – Clare Scott.

I believe God is trying to accentuate the importance and necessity of “silence” in prayer time…and not just on a personal level but on a corporate level. I am acknowledging that when He orchestrates ‘a time of silence’ that there is more going on that I am aware of. I am  wanting to learn the power of this truth. What about you? Does God create silence in your prayers? Does it make you uncomfortable? Does it draw you to a ‘face to face’ with Him?

Be blessed!