A Church with a Heart for our Community

July 9th Friday

Greetings to you in the Name that is above all names, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Savior! What a lovely morning in the Kingdom…and God gave us life so that we could experience it! Therefore we must declare that this is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it, and we will seek His presence! I trust that you have had a good week and have discovered a few of His blessings in unexpected places. This morning I will be praying for you, asking Father to open your eyes to see and to tune your ears to hear and to loose your tongue to share your discoveries and strengthen your hands to touch another person’s life and to awaken your mind to ponder all things bright and beautiful.

This morning I am exercising my patience…and it isn’t easy! Today at 1:00 pm, there is a premiere of song video…I have heard a ten second clip and it sounded great…is it 1:00 pm yet? However. in my waiting I am practicing…not forgetting God by considering a few thoughts: Let me not forget that whatever I am facing I never face it aloneLet me not forget your constant provision and vigilant protectionLet me not forget the forgiving grace that covers all my sinsLet me not forget that my story has been included in His great story of redemption Let me not forget that your conviction is a sign of your mercy Many thanks to Paul David Tripp for phrasing these so well.

I am grateful to God for bringing new friends like Paul David Tripp into my life – and like Joseph Prince – and like Bill Johnson – and like Gretchen Rodriguez…and like Brian Simmons…and like Rabbi Jason Sobel. I was reminded this morning that we were not designed to travel through life without relationships…be they person-to-person or through books or media. I am grateful that God designed us so that we would have a hunger and thirst to learn and experience insights – knowledge – revelation. 

The greatest blessings in my life at this point are the many people who are part of my life, who influence me, who encourage me, who believe in me, who pray for me — each one makes me better than I could be on my own. I am grateful to God for you…who receive and read these blogs.

May you have a great day…may God bless you