A Church with a Heart for our Community

July 3rd Tuesday

Good Morning! Greetings to you in the name of the One…who was-who is-who will be, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! Wow! what beautiful weather – warm, sunny, and blue skies…this is the day that God designed for us, give Him your thanks! I trust that you had a good Canada Day weekend and transitioned into a new month without too much difficulty. Today I will be praying for, asking Father to allow His ‘wrap-around love’ to encourage you, give you a sense of security, and release joy-hope-peace.

The internet is finally working this morning – I have had three mornings when I couldn’t get online. Today, one of the things I am reflecting is the last “Encounter – praise, prayer and whatever” time at a local church. We had a smallish crowd but a large-ish presence of God – lots of interaction with each other as well as time for personal reflection. We sang a new song – “Power When We Worship” by HereBeLions and shared communion. Encounter night was always an adventure – one never knew in advance where you would meet God’s presence and where that ‘presence’ would lead you. I am looking forward to coming back again in the fall.

Of course, we had Sunday morning worship gathering…and it is special time.We have a great church family – a few people were away and a few had returned from holidays and…God was surely with us. The first Sunday of the month, so we shared communion, good singing, warm prayers, happy sharing, and positive fellowship. We are so blessed with our congregational family and our times of gathering.

Yesterday was our Monday noon hour prayer gathering called – “the Cry” as we cry out to God for the concerns of our city and county. This prayer gathering, as most of you know, is open to any one who would join in praying for the needs outside the walls of the church. We do pray God’s blessing on our local employers and so we thank God for a new 12 year contract for a local company – for new businesses opening soon. We pray for our agricultural community – they need rain for the crops and animals. We pray for our governmental representatives – for wisdom and integrity and good decisions. We pray for the educational aspects – the children are now on summer break, with family and teachers/administrators/staff are unwinding in order to rewind. We pray for the community of faith – churches and Christian ministries. We pray for the police and the firefighters and emergency responders and medical people and hospitals and care homes and civic employees and…I guess I want you to know that praying for our city and county is a huge task.

We have been doing this for 11and1/2 years now…and at times it can be discouraging and we wonder why-when-how…but we know the “Who” – God has answered many prayers for our city/county/community – the three “C’s”. God is always faithful to those who will gather with other ‘faithfuls’ – to pray and intercede for the needs of the 3 C’s. 

I trust that you will have a good day!