A Church with a Heart for our Community

July 30th Friday

Greetings to you…blessed and highly favored follower of the Jesus Christ – THE Risen Savior! What a beautiful morning in the Kingdom! I take delight in declaring that this is the day that the Lord has made, and it is our privilege to rejoice and be glad in it. Can you believe that this is one day away from the last day of a month? Strange it is to me that we can be in lockdown and stay-at-home, yet time doesn’t seem to slowdown…speed-up is more what it seems like. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to focus his attention on you and your ‘needs-concerns-desires’…may He surround you and your family with health, strength, and happiness…may He respond to any urgent need you may have.

This being Friday, I was looking for what ‘new music’ was being introduced and did not find anything that spoke…or should I say “sung”..to me. There are a few new albums coming but not today. However, God reminded me of a bit of counsel that He thought I needed…Know the importance of the season you are in and a wise son you will be. – Proverbs 10:5a  TPT. Then He reminded me of an old song written by Phillip Bliss back in 1870 …”Hold the fort for I am coming,” Jesus signals still.  – Wave the answer back to heaven, “By Thy grace we will.” We are in a season of waiting…and the battle still is raging. We need to “hold the fort!”

This week, in order to encourage me, God drew my attention to a book of declarations that I can make over my home…and my church. The act of making spiritual declarations lets our enemy know that we mean business and they remind us that we can respond to life’s challenges. I am grateful to the author for her sensitivity to Holy Spirit and I thank God that she is willing to share with others,

Let me share a few sentences from one of the declarations. These words deal with “Grace That Prevails” – Today we declare and prophesy that we receive a multiplication of grace. We have access by faith into heavenly grace that grants us divine favor. We receive the grace that forgives, restores, heals, and blesses. We say that every challenge we face is overcome by divine grace that enables us to rise above every problem…. Daily Decrees for Family Blessings and Breakthrough,  Brenda Kunneman. It is so important to speak good words in  a world that is full of such negativity and despair.

Something to think about…be blessed