A Church with a Heart for our Community

July 2nd Thursday

“Warm” greetings to you in the name – the powerful, wonderful and healing name – of Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! What a beautiful morning in the Kingdom – we will rejoice and be glad “in it” for He made it for us and we want to make it count! I trust that you had a good “Canada Day” and celebrated the country that we have the privilege to call home. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to touch your life with grace and mercy in transforming ways.

This morning I have been looking at where our faith community is facing the challenges of our new “normal” as it relates to worship gatherings. It is challenging to gather without our handshakes and hugs – those signs of that affirm our acceptance and sense of belonging. I think of the experiment that was carried out in a hospital nursery¬†when children were either given ample or limited physical contact. The children who received ample contact seemed to be healthier and were happier. The conclusion, then and now, is we need physical touch.

And then there is not being able to sing and shout praises and¬†vocally be expressive. It is even difficult to read the Psalms as a scripture reading when we are told to come before God with singing and shouts of praise. Once again we are aware that we need to express ourselves because we were created in the image of a God who is expressive. Interestingly enough God can and does express Himself without saying a word in creation. Perhaps that is what scripture means…worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Let me tell you…when I observe His saints sitting quietly and expectantly in His presence…it “speaks” volumes.

For our little family of faith…we live up to our church name when we are sitting in the sanctuary…socially distant, not singing, not touching – listening intently for the voice of the Lord with expectation and sometimes with a smile that simply says “I’m at peace with God! I’ve got a “living hope!” This past Sunday I could not help but think of an old hymn that comes from Paul’s letter to Timothy…“For I know whom I have believed – and am persuaded – that He is able – to keep that – which I have committed – unto Him against that Day!”

It is thought provoking, perhaps, to realise that our primary heart posture to be expressed in corporate worship is supposed to be one of bowing down…not coming to give God something. The reason we are there is because we have been invited to worship by Divine Summons…to gather and linger in the presence of majesty…to seek the face of the Sovereign over all creation…to find strength in ‘quietness and confidence’…to receive the touch of the Master’s hand. Imagine, in worship we receive much more than we can ever give.

A little something to think about…have a blessed day!