A Church with a Heart for our Community

July 29th Thursday

Greetings to you…”trophy of grace”…in the name above every name, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Savior! Another different sort of a day in the Kingdom, but still a day that the Lord has made for us and we will rejoice and be glad in it. I trust that you are enjoying your summer and the gradual return to familiar routines. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father: to release sustaining grace to you…to renew your hope…to refresh your spirit…to restore your health and strength…to redeem moments that were lost…to guide and direct your steps…to prepare you for the days ahead.

This morning in my devotions, I came across a rather simple and challenging set of questions and I want to share them with you to respond to…what has the Lord been saying to you lately? what has been stirring in your heart?  what Bible verses keep “popping-up” and coming alive in your thoughts? what have you sensed the most when you take time to be in God’s presence? The Psalmist had good reply: “…you fill me with joy in your presence,…” Psalm 16:11 NIV. The words of a song that I am enjoying lately say, “when I need shelter, when I need a friend. I go to the Rock.”

I am reminded of another song…”In the secret of thy presence…” and I recall that being in God’s presence is where I discover what I need  to keep going. It is in His presence that He speaks to me…where He releases peace…where He brings joy…where I experience overwhelming love…where He lifts the heaviest of burdens…where He draws me close to his heart.

So, when I started to respond to the questions that were in my devotions I heard Him say…don’t call our time together. – doing devotions, but seeking His presence; let your heart be stirred by anticipation and expectancy and hope;  listen more intentionally for I am speaking to you all the time; don’t forget that I do have a plan…many plans, in fact, for you and what I want done; tell my people to get ready for there are some exciting days ahead…cooperate with me, surrender to me, use my power, and keep seeking my presence.

Listen…what is He saying to you? …have a blessed day!