A Church with a Heart for our Community

July 22nd Thursday

Greetings to you…vessel of honor, cleansed and filled by the beautiful name of Jesus Christ – THE Risen Savior!  This must be the day that the Lord has made, so we will be glad and rejoice in it! I trust that you are enjoying these mid-summer days…getting out and about, seeing God’s handiwork, simply appreciating the freedom, and seeing people. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to bless you, and bless you a lot…may you sense His healing touch and the strength of his presence surrounding you…may you be captured by “hope!”

A Scripture reference in my devotions has given me something to smile about, and I feel affirmed for watching the “Christmas in July” Hallmark movies that are being aired on television. Most all of the movies carry an underlying “faith-based” message mixed into the rather predictable storylines. They are usually highlight relationships and that dramatic moment when the couple have their romantic moment…in the last five or six minutes-or less.

So, in the Scripture passage , the story of Jacob and the well, where he makes sure the women of the village get their water supply is being told. This is when Jacob meets his future wife and there is a “Hallmark moment” – we read: Immediately, he walked up to Rachel and kissed her! Unable to hold back his tears, Jacob wept aloud. – Genesis 29:11 TPT. Jacob, to make the well accessible had to roll a stone away. 

In similar fashion another stone was rolled away so that “living water” – in the person of a Risen Savior – was made available. Again, an expression of love – powerful, transforming, forgiving – is bestowed, this time for all who would accept it, then and now upon. God, it seems. is the original creator of “Hallmark moments” that revealed the love that God has for mankind…His holy passion!

Something to think about…be blessed!