A Church with a Heart for our Community

July 20th Wednesday

Greetings to you in the name of the ‘Living Expression’ of God, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! What a delightful morning in the Kingdom…another one of “those” days! I trust that you had a great weekend and Monday – and are ready for an exciting week in your spiritual journey. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to release the fragrance of His presence in ways that you personally identify.

I am thanking God today for the grounding in hymn, songs, and choruses that I have experienced. I recall reading that one of the purposes of singing is for those moments when we are so overwhelmed by the various life experiences that there is no way to express ourselves. There is a simple little song that goes like this: In moments like these I sing out a song-I sing out a love song to Jesus – In moments like these I lift up my hands-I lift up my hands to the Lord … Singing I love You, Jesus. Now I am sure that some of you know this song so I’ll pause and give you a moment or two —-

Please allow me to expand a little…”In moments like these” – what moments? Those moments when we are overwhelmed with joy and happiness, of course, but what about the moments of confusion, anger, hurt, betrayal, frustration, and disappointment? What about the moments when things are as ‘right’ as we think that they should be? Of course! for life is filled with surprises of all sorts. But the songs says: “I sing out a love song to Jesus” – is there a ‘love song for Jesus’ in those uncomfortable and nasty ‘times’? Yes! I believe there is or can be. This past week or so as world events and the ugliness of sin brought some of those – “in moments like these” the love song to Jesus went:  This is my Father’s world-O let me ne’er forget-That though the wrong seems oft so strong-God is the ruler yet…

And during the week when I sensed something missing in my life, my love song to Jesus: Fill my cup, Lord-I lift it up Lord-Come and quench this thirsting of my soul…when I was feeling alone and lost: I come to the garden alone…He walks with me and He talks with me …when I was happy and all was well: Jesus loves me this I know… when I was inadequate and failed and sin entered: I know a fount where sins are washed away-I know a place where night is turned to day-Burdens are lifted, blind eyes made to see-There’s a wonder working power in the blood of Calvary… when I understood that I had an opportunity to serve: Use me Lord-Use me for thy glory-Use me Lord… when I needed to pray and talk to Him: What a friend I have in Jesus… or – I am praying blessed Saviour… or many a prayer song.

I simply want to thank God for teaching me how to “sing” my way into His presence, especially for those times when I don’t have the right words to express what is in my heart/mind/spirit…and for giving me a good memory that retains words…and for the Holy Spirit’s inspiration of songwriters and musicians…and for the Holy Spirit bringing to remembrance the words of Jesus-even in songs…

One more thing…the song I began with says – In moments like these I lift up my hands. I lift up my hands, depending on the circumstances, in: surrender, agreement, declaration, identification, covenant, frustration, confusion, happiness, recognition, greeting, … In Scripture it says…Whatever your right finds to do, dot it with all your might …Ecclesiastes 9:10  and – Whatever you do, do it unto God…Colossians 3:23.

Just some ramblings – have a great day – be blessed!