A Church with a Heart for our Community

July 16th Tuesday

Greetings to you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! “Oh what a beautiful morning!” – Praise God, He is holy! and He does great things and creates “given days” for us…just to see how we will respond! Have you thanked Him for being God…and for giving you life…and for giving you your six senses…and for the people in your life…and for having purpose in His kingdom…and for not having to be perfect in order to receive from Him? I trust that you had a good weekend and Monday. I will be praying for you today, asking Father to give you the curiosity to seek His presence, the sensitivity to hear His voice, and the courage to surrender to His plan.

One of the words of instruction that God has given…and keeps reminding me of…is to know the importance of the season you are in (Proverbs 10:5a TPT). Now, over the last week He has also reminded me to “listen” for what He wants to say to me…Remember – My sheep hear my voice (John 10:16). So last Friday , after a week of sensing a shift in the spiritual atmosphere, God decided to speak in a way that I would understand and listen to. You might remember that Fridays are the days when new music is released. Over the last few Fridays there hasn’t been anything in new music that ‘spoke’ to me…but last Friday, God broke the silence.

Last Friday there were a few songs that God whispered to me that I needed to pay attention to, so here is His ‘hit-list’ for me. First, a modern hymn…King of Kings by Hillsong Worship…that is very logical and lays a foundation.  Then, focusing on Jesus – Your Name is Power by Rend Collective and Hope Has a Name by River Valley Worship. Next, the spotlight shone on songs dealing with Holy Spirit – Fill This Place by Red Rocks Worship and Release The Rain by Bishop Paul Morton and Rain Your Glory by Planetshakers. Just to make sure I understood that there is a new season coming – This Is A Move by Brandon Lake. Perhaps many of these names are not familiar to you, as there were to me, but God says: “Don’t worry about whether or not these are your style or even if you know the musicians…listen for what I am trying to tell you!” 

I downloaded the songs, prepared the lyrics, and we used them yesterday in pre-prayer time worship. I really like the first time using new songs as you pay attention to the progression and style as well as the words. I believe that God is saying to me that He is ready to do a ‘move’ …He might even show up this Sunday at a church near you! One of the lines that is repeated in the song – This Is A Move – simply says … “We are ready” and I had a remembrance of playing “Hide and Seek” as a child…97, 98, 99, 100 – Here I come ready or not! 

Something to think about – be blessed!