A Church with a Heart for our Community

July 15th Wednesday

Greetings to you in the beautiful, wonderful, and powerful name of Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! Another beautiful morning in the Kingdom, another opportunity to rejoice in our Creator-God, another day to be glad in what the Creator has created, and another day to live out our faith!  Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to touch your life with provision, purpose, and power to meet the demands of the day.

This morning I began a new devotional book called…Tell Your Heart To Sing Again by James Goll. Yes. I have a tendency to find books about music, singing, and worship.  However this book has a story that touches my heart and I can easily relate to the author. I knew this book was for me when the author started the introduction with a song title – The Long and Winding Road, a Beatles song. He related it to his spiritual journey which was not what he had anticipated.

The author, who is founder of God Encounters Ministries has had an interesting journey through three bouts of cancer, death of his wife, being a single parent, facing financial collapse, personal journey through grief, dealing with deep questions, and maintaining his ministry. He is speaker, author, and recording artist with an infectious smile and passion for life. 

One of his life events that touched my heart concerns a month long experience of waking up every morning with a secular song planted in his thoughts that he carried through the day. It happened in a time of grief and feeling very much alone. On one particular morning he woke up to the song – You’ve Got A Friend by James Taylor – that says that when nothing’s going right and you are ‘down and troubled’, needing a helping hand, you have a friend. It seems that God needed to remind James that he was not alone…that he did, in fact, have a friend.

As I stopped to ponder that story and life-lesson, I found myself wondering how many times God communicates with you and I in similar creative ways – but we don’t always accept then that way. We call them coincidences, or chance encounters, or ‘something’ made me-lead me- prompted me. Some times I hear a song on the radio or cd or television and just one phrase of it sticks in my mind for the day…but I did not recognise as God trying to speak to me.

Let me encourage you today to pay attention to that still small voice that gently whispers words of love and affirmation and guidance and challenge and comfort and understanding.

Have a blessed day…”You’ve Got A Friend!”