A Church with a Heart for our Community

July 10th Friday

Greetings to you in the beautiful, powerful, and wonderful name of Jesus Christ! What an amazing day God has designed, created, and delivered to us…anyone want to join me in “rejoicing and being glad” in being alive to enjoy it? I trust that you are having a really good week. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to quiet you in His love and to restore your soul and to bring the healing that you need.

This week I re-learned a lesson about praying for God’s guidance. Although I have my own approach, it was good to have a new model to work with, especially when it is simple and logical. 

First, when you approach God…reduce any pressure – get rid of the drama, remove stress, and give yourself room to breathe. You can relax if you allow God room and time…so find a comfortable spot, good lighting, a cup of tea/coffee, maybe some quiet music, no phone/ipad/etc., a nore pad and a Bible.

Second, be prepared to be open and available and agreeable to whatever God may want to say to you…even if it might not want you want to hear. Come with surrender in your mindset. 

Third, don’t try to fill in the blanks with what you answer might be…and even if there is no immediate response be ready to live with a little uncertainty…try not to self-counsel.

Fourth, God does not always instant-message…so give Him time and allow Him to confirm what it is you think you heard…God’s peace will be your “anti-virus” screening.

God is more ready to speak to us than we are to hear from Him.

Be blessed and enjoy your day!