A Church with a Heart for our Community

January 5th Thursday

Greetings to you in the name of the ‘Rock of Ages’, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! Another delightful morning in the Kingdom, at least here in St. Thomas, and God is in control revealing himself in ways and means that we cannot comprehend. This morning as I pray for you, I will be asking Father to release a wave of wellness over you and allow his comfort to surround you.

Yesterday God focused my attention on issue that affects far too many of us Christ-followers. First, I read part of a testimony from an individual who was asking God some serious questions as to why He was not responding to her according to what she was reading in her Bible. She indicated that when he(God) did answer she sensed him saying…“I know that you read these things and you thought they were really good…but you don’t always believe what you are reading. It is wonderful that you have learned all those promises and can quote those ‘speciallers’  – however, in your heart you aren’t always believing them. Since you aren’t believing, you won’t act on the truth…and because you won’t act you are stuck where you are–no peace, no joy, no hope…just reading.I did not give these words for you to quote and give to someone else…they are for you too!”

The girl, as you can imagine, was taken aback and a little angry and a lot confused. She decided to look for a definition of ‘believe’ so as to create a ‘restore point’. In her dictionary she found a sentence that made sense…and humbled her. On a recipe card she wrote, Believe: to accept something as true, to feel sure of that truth, to expect or hope with confidence, to trust. She then decided that if she ‘believed’ the promises and principles of scripture then she must act and speak and think in ways that were consistent with her belief. This, of course, was not what she had been doing. It was not easy and took a lot persistence but what a difference in her life.

Shortly after reading this testimony God showed me first hand that this is an issue in my life and in the lives of others. I have a sense that we get immune to the truth and relevance of what the Bible teaches us. One person tells me that the Bible is his ‘rule-book’ and then demonstrates that he isn’t playing by the rules. Another says that the Bible is their blueprint, but have made a lovely little bungalow into something that looks like a garden shed. I have said that the Bible is like a recipe but then I hear a chef remind me that a recipe is only a guideline and you can add, adjust, and alter to suit your own palate or purpose. 

If the Bible is going to be of value to me…I must read it and I must believe it and I must apply it. As the old hymn says: Trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus – but to trust and obey.

Be blessed…enjoy the day!