A Church with a Heart for our Community

January 27th Friday

Greetings to you in the name of ‘The Lifter of My Head”, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! What a delightful winter’s day with the layer of fresh snow. I trust that you have had a good week in the Kingdom and you have recognised God at work in your life. Now a simple question: are you looking forward to gathering with your Christian family to worship? are you anticipating that God is going to make a special appearance? I will be praying for your today, asking Father to create a hunger and a thirst for His glory.

Reading God’s Word lately, I have noticed how often the various expressions of worship are linked to ‘body language’ as a means of an emotional response. There are references to lifting our hands in prayer, lifting our hands in surrendered worship, clapping hands in praise, lifting our eyes to God in prayer, falling to our knees in worship, shouting aloud, dancing, singing, standing in exaltation, weeping, laughing, running, reaching out our hands,waving our arms, falling prostrate on the ground, saying ‘Amen’ … to name a few. I have the sense that worship is supposed to be an active participation that allows us to express ourselves emotionally and passionately…and that is a little awkward for many.

I have been listening, for some time now, to a preacher – at the conclusion of a sermon/message – asking the congregation: Do you believe it?…Then receive it! and there is a ‘body language’ response. I am beginning to believe that when we cannot or will not or do not respond to God in worship in some sort of ‘body language’ way – we are losing some of the richness of God’s presence. It would be like two lovers spending time together without kissing or hugging or touching or talking. I don’t know why, but we seem to become dispassionate people when we enter into worship.

There is a beautiful song – a prayer, actually – that says: Teach me to have a child-like heart – Free me to be undignified – Teach me to have a child-like heart – Teach me dance all over my pride – I want to dance like a child – Sing like a son  Abandon myself to the holy One – To the holy One! I like that song because it contains one of my ‘words’ for 2017 – ‘abandon’ and reminds me to not let my pride get in my way. How about the next time you are worshipping God you use a little ‘body language’ … make Him smile!

Have a great weekend – be blessed!