A Church with a Heart for our Community

December 19th Wednesday

Greetings to you in the name of the One who is called the “Mighty God”, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! What a great morning in the Kingdom – a crispness in the air, sunlight breaking it’s way into our lives, and the aroma of anticipation…Christmas is coming! I trust that you had a great weekend with lots of ‘neato-keeno’ things happening around you and through you. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to make Himself known to you in ways that you will understand and that you can respond to.

As I was scraping the frost of the car’s windshield this morning, the thought struck me that I can be like that windshield and get “frosted up” and my visibility is limited. How grateful I am for the tender mercy of Father-God to warm me with a holy presence through His Word and through worship and communication, so that the ‘frost’ can melt away.

Over the past weeks, I have become much more disciplined in my daily time with God and it is made a powerful difference. One of the daily email devotions I receive is called “the First Songs of Christmas” from a ministry called “Revive Our Hearts”. The themes are present with a gentleness and can catch the reader off-guard and often remind me of a simple truth that gives me something to ponder for the day. This morning brought a quote referencing the tender mercy of God that I want to pass along. 

Here it is:  

It’s (tender mercy) how God feels and acts toward us, who were hopelessly trapped in our sins. It’s (tender mercy) what Jesus lived out on the earth, delivering healing and wholeness to those He touched. And as people who’ve been loved by God, who’ve become wholly unworthy recipients of His heart-rending mercy, we are called now to demonstrate these same tender mercies to others.

During the season of celebrating the God “became flesh and moved into our neighbourhood” I want to manifest “tender mercy” to family and friends…especially those friends I have not met as yet. How about you? We are one blessed people! Have a grand day…be a blessing!