A Church with a Heart for our Community

December 14th Friday

Greetings to you in the name of …the Wonderful Counselor (NIV) or the Extraordinary Strategist (TPT), Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! This is definitely one of those days that we must remind ourselves that it was create, design and put into motion by God…and He has a purpose for it. I trust that you have had a blessed week and are looking forward to the weekend with all of the adventures that it will hold…especially gathering with the church family for praise, prayer and proclamation. I will be praying for you today, asking Father to release a breakthrough of healing, reconciliation, and joyful expectation.

Last night was – Encounter Night – at a local church…a time to pray and praise – worship and encounter the Presence. Every night we gather the format changes according to God’s agenda as revealed to the leader. Last night was probably the lowest attendance we have had…but ‘encounter the Presence’  was a reality for those who attended. I was reminded of a relatively new arrangement of an old song/hymn: Spirit of the living God-We only want to hear Your voice-We are hanging on every word-We want to know You more and more-‘Cause when You speak, and when You move-When You do what only You can do-It changes us-It changes what we see and what we seek-You are changing everything-Spirit of the living God-We’re leaning in to all You are-Everything else can wait-Come now breathe upon our hearts-Come now have Your way…(Jacob Sooter).

Truth be told this whole week has been an adventure in experiencing the Spirit of the living God…Monday noon-hour prayer gathering – Wednesday lunch time with “Eat-Talk-Pray” – Wednesday night, “Connections” video Bible study – Thursday night “Encounter”. I expect that Sunday morning … God has something in store for those who gather  and that He will do what only He can do…and it will change us. 

What about you…what are your expectations for Sunday worship? – something to ponder –

Many blessings on you today!