A Church with a Heart for our Community

August 7th Friday

“Baruch Hashem” – “Mah nishma?” … You may, perhaps, be wondering what this greeting is all about. In the simplest form: “Blessed be God” – baruch hashem and “What’s new?” – mah nishmah. Now that is a quick lesson in Hebrew for today. I trust that you have had a good week and are looking forward with anticipation to the weekend. I am particularly looking forward to worshipping with my church family…and I am coming with “expectation” for I believe that God is going to meet us there. I am praying for you today, asking Father to shelter you with his love.

I went to the local Christian book store on Tuesday looking for a greeting card and was told that a book I had ordered….and forgotten I had done so…was on hand. Since I had forgotten about it, there was a little doubt in my mind as to the message being needed, but I purchased it anyway. This was the day I got trapped in the office while my computer decided to upgrade, so I started to read the book…and God began to reveal to me why I had ordered the book.

The book: “The Organic God” by Margaret Feinberg, is one of those little treasures that is simple yet complex and weaves thought provoking  ideas in gentle ways. It asks questions and provides an array of answers. One question that I have been pondering is: “What do you love about Jesus?” It sounds simple and should be answered quickly…but it is not that easy. You try it!

However, it is in the additional resources section, called “bonus tracks” that I found a very useful – “three questions to consider with each Rainy-Day Reflection.” I think I should make some bookmarks and put them in books  I am reading…and give them to others who I know are reading study-devotional type books. First, “what concept, phrase, or story from the chapter I just read was the most compelling to me?” Second, “what concept, phrase, or idea from the chapter I just read do I disagree with?”  Third, “what is the one thing that I want to take away with me and put into practice?”

I am guilty many times of getting so involved with my reading that I forget that each chapter needs to be recognized and appreciated. Do you ever fall victim to ‘power-reading’ and come to the end of a book, knowing that you liked and disliked and wanted to do something with…but—.I think these three questions, reflected upon and answered at the end of each chapter might help I am going to try them in my reading regimen.

Blessings on your weekend!