A Church with a Heart for our Community

August 6th Thursday

“Baruch Hashem” – a promising day lies before us and God is so good to us! I pray that you will discover all that is available for your enjoyment.

It is good to be back at the keyboard! I have spent much time ‘upgrading’ to a new computer environment and I think that I can handle it…we’ll see. I have been pondering some ideas and teaching that is exciting and humbling and challenging. I have, I believe, a calling to ‘power ministry’ and have been waiting for God to activate it or somehow flip my ‘on-switch’…like many of you, if truth be told. I believe that many of us understand or know that there is “more” about our Christian walk but cannot seem to grasp it, so we wait and wait and wait. Thanks to teaching by Joyce Meyer and Mark Virkler and Bill Johnson and Randy Clark – I am starting to understand a few principles.

First, according to Luke 10:19, in a discussion with his disciples…we are disciples, are we not…Jesus said, “I have given you authority…” and then in Luke 11:13, Jesus says the Father  will “give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”, and then in Luke 24:49…”I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed  with power from on high.” Of course, I cannot forget Acts 1:8…”But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you…” (all references from NIV).

Therefore, I understand that as disciples of Jesus, maybe at the moment of accepting Jesus as Saviour and Lord, we have been given “authority” to do, to speak, to think, to respond…differently than other people. We have been given authority to be more than what we were before. However, we don’t seem to realize or understand that in order for this ‘authority’ to be of any real value…we need “power” because in and of ourselves we are rather ‘powerless’. We are uniquely blessed by God not only to have authority but to receive power to exercise that authority.

This morning I want to ask you one simple question: “Have you sought out, asked for – the “power” that God wants to give you?” I have a sense that we are asking God for many things…blessings, healing, restoration, reconciliation, and guidance, but we seldom ask for ‘power’ to allow us to exercise the authority He has given us to be all that we can be. As a result we sit, I know I have, wondering where the “more” is. In James 4:2 …You do not have, because you do not ask God.  NIV.

Take some time to ponder…be blessed!