A Church with a Heart for our Community

August 27th Thursday

Greetings and may God smile upon you! If you are reading this then you have awoke on the upper side of the grass…what a blessing! It looks like this is going to be a beautiful late summer morning – so let us enjoy it! Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to release a spirit of anticipation and delight into your heart-soul-mind.

This morning I want to give you two ‘power thoughts’ to ponder throughout the day: First – Blessings go to the grateful hearts; they shun those who complain that they never get enough – Irish proverb. Second – Every morning is a fresh opportunity to find God’s extraordinary joy in the most ordinary places…Janet Howe Smith.

I have been reading 2 Samuel 6 where King David (good name) is bringing the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem and to the tent of meeting. He is so excited and grateful. He took off his robes and was dancing in his undershirt. It must have been quite a sight but, as you may remember, his wife thought he was being a little extreme and mocked him…mocked his worship and joy and gratefulness. She wasn’t happy. The chapter ends on a very sad note…Michal, Saul’s daughter (David’s wife), was barren the rest of her life…2 Samuel 6:23. I have come to understand that when we lose our joy and gratefulness in worshipping God, we become barren–empty on the inside, unable to find purpose and fulfilment in life.

I suppose that is why much of what I believe God requires of me is to challenge people to get excited about God. I remember back in 2000 singing a new song by Robin Mark : The Days of Elijah. It has a line in it that challenged me then and challenges me now: These are the days of your servant David, rebuilding a temple of praise. I accepted then, that with whatever abilities God gives me, my ministry is to talk about worship and praise and prayer and singing unto the Lord. I thought it strange then, as I do now, that God would give such an assignment to one who – beyond playing a ‘cd’ – has no musical talent. God has a great sense of humour.

Nevertheless, I would encourage you to express your gratefulness for the life that God has given you in as many ways as you can, Make sure you find an opportunity to worship God everyday. I believe if you do, you will find a purpose and fullness in your days that, as the power thought said, will be extraordinary.

Something to think about…have a day of blessings!