A Church with a Heart for our Community

August 21st Friday

Greetings! I trust that you have had a good week and have kept your eyes on Jesus as you faced the reality of life in a broken world, both as it affects you and those you care about. I pray that as you think about gathering with your church family to celebrate your faith…you are expecting God’s presence to manifest in tangible ways. I will be praying for you today, asking Father to come along side with grace and mercy and peace.

I have been paying attention to new slogans about ageing – “50 is the new 30” or “60 is the new 40” or something like that. Well, let me tell you that for me – “Friday is the new Tuesday” ! For some time in the music arena new releases of albums happened on Tuesdays, but a month or so ago the decision was made to change to Friday. This was done, so I am told, to bring the world music markets into ‘sync’ as there had been different days in Europe and Asia and North America. Anyway, it is Friday but it feels like Tuesday, for I have been listening to previews of a selection of new Christian album releases. Of course, it really is Friday and Sunday is coming fast!

One of the songs that has caught my attention is: “You will never run away” by a group called – Rend Collective. This morning I needed the assurance that there is a ‘someone’ who won’t run away from me when life’s road twists and turns in unexpected ways. I have a friend who, I believe, is making some life-changing decisions that I don’t agree with and I am needing the strength of a ‘someone’ who won’t run away from me. I need to be able to love my friend – I need to support my friend – I need to understand all of the complexities my friend is dealing with – I need to speak without condemnation … and I cannot do this on my own strength. The psalmist says: God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear…Psalm 46:1-2a NIV. He will never run away when I need him…and that is what I really need to know at this moment.

I suppose that this is God’s touch to me, that what I often say to others can be self-applied. Recently, I have said to people that God doesn’t always give us the answers to the questions and dilemmas we are facing…but he does give us – HIMSELF – and that will be more than adequate. Therefore I will take strength in knowing – He will not run away from me! Today, as I pray for family and friends and the needs I observe around me – there will be special attention given to people, like my friend, who are making decisions that will have a profound effect on their life as well as on those who care for them.

Have blessed weekend!