A Church with a Heart for our Community

April 23rd Tuesday

Greetings to you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour!  What an interesting day we are experiencing – sunshine, clouds, April showers, and ??? – nevertheless, “this is the day that the Lord has made” for us and I think He is curious as to how we will respond. I trust that you had a great Easter weekend, including Monday! I prayed that each one would have a personal encounter with Jesus and experience a “fresh start” in their lives. Today I will be praying for you, asking Father to meet you in your day’s journey and release healing, hope. joy, and strength.

Easter 2019 was a strange adventure for me…and I understand the wisdom of words I read this morning – “Each instant (moment) is a place you have never been.” For me, this was my third Easter of my second time around and I suppose I was expecting everything to fit into place but that did not happen.It seemed like whenever I had a direction and ideas were coming together, God came along and stirred the proverbial pot. I am getting a little wiser, for I know that there times when you just wait for the stirring to stop and see what you have to work with. 

As I was trying to understand what this was all about – He sent some thought-provoking and encouraging messages to me through a book by a new-to-me author and an interview with a master communicator-preacher, Barbara Brown Taylor . In the interview I discovered some new terms like: ‘detective of divinity’ and ‘theological tourist’ and ‘spiritual shoplifter’ and ‘spiritually “sleeping around”‘…that isn’t as bad as you might think. I was reminded that Christianity is in crisis. I was reminded that Jesus’ story included many interfaith encounters. I was challenged by her testimony that no matter how many religious languages she learns, she dreams in Christian. I was challenged by her assertion that Jesus never commanded us to love our religion but to love God and our neighbour.  I was encouraged by her closing comment – “So why not follow the life, and see where it leads, with some kind of trust in the spirits’ ability to blow where nobody expected it to blow, and in a direction nobody expected it to go into — and be willing to be blown away.” 

The book…I am still reading, but it is introducing some areas to ponder and I haven’t had enough time to “ponder” – I am still in the afterglow of Easter. I trust that you will have a grand day and be blessed!