A Church with a Heart for our Community

2018 March 29th Thursday

Greetings to you in the name of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! Here we are on this last few miles of the Lenten journey…and the last few days of March 2018. I trust that you have been preparing your heart and soul to experience Easter serendipities.. I will be praying for you today, asking Father to release to you blessings that you weren’t even looking for.

Over the last week or so of my Lenten journey God has been teaching me about the intimate love He has for those who would follow close to Him. In order to do this He has taken me into a book of he Bible that I have never spent much time studying – the Song of Solomon…and it has been challenging. I started out by reading the entire book at one sitting using the Passion Translation, with its introductory notes and footnotes and then retracing my steps using a devotion that helped to explain even further. There is still a lot to absorb and understand, so I may be stuck there for a time.

I have discovered some verses that a very encouraging and I keep returning to them. One such verse has reminded me of how valuable my heroes of the faith are – the men and women who have taught me, believed in me, corrected me, discipled me…we all have people like that, I’m sure. The verse says: Listen, my radiant one–if you ever lose sight of me, just follow in the footsteps where I lead my lovers. Come with your burdens and cares. Come to the place near the sanctuary of my shepherds. Song of Songs 1:8  TPT. I must say how important it has been in those moments when burdens and cares have affected my spiritual vision and I did lose sight of God, to have people in my life who loved God and who had experienced similar moments and could share their insights. Their words and presence eventually lead me back to the sanctuary of His presence and to the reality of being shepherded.

I am beginning to understand the depth of God’s intimate love and it is humbling…evoking emotions that almost overwhelm. I am learning once again the power and beauty of God’s Word…and so the Lenten journey is working its magic.

May God bless you today!