A Church with a Heart for our Community

2018 April 17th Tuesday

Greetings to you in the name of the “One who can transform situations”…Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! I trust that you survived the weekend with a good attitude and hope-filled words and peace in your heart. I am believing that this is going to be an exciting week with many surprise and answers to prayers. I will be praying for you today, asking Father to ‘meet you’ in the most unusual places and  through the most unlikely people.

There has been a group of us meeting Monday noon-hours for eleven plus years now, We gather and worship God, share our prayer concerns-topics, and spend time praying for our city. Yes, I know that I have told you this before,,,but it is good to be reminded. I am asking you to pray and ask Father to encourage more people to come along and join this group. I believe that the prayers that are prayed during this time have made a difference in our city-county and in the lives of individuals and in the ministry of the faith community…but there is more needed and wanted.

This past Monday we introduced what I trust will become a ‘theme song’ – called, “In The City”. My lovely wife and partner in ministry discovered it on a ‘cd’ by a group called – Kutless. The words reflect what we have been praying for for the last eleven plus years. Here they are: Bless this city in Jesus’ name-Let Your healing fall like rain-God, You give us everything-May Your church do more than sing … Bless this city in Jesus name-Wake up every heart You’ve changed-Help us be Your hands and feet-May Your love flow down every street … Bless this city in Jesus’ name-Tear down walls we’ve built in vain-Let our kingdoms be replaced-With unity that shows Your face … Let Your kingdom come-In the city – Let Your will be done-In the city. 

You may not know the tune…it is very simple and urgent…but you could make one up that suits you – and you could sing the prayer over your city. Of course, you could look it up on the internet as there is a youtube video of it. You could become part of our Monday prayer group in your own home. “Bless this city in Jesus’ name!”

May God’s presence surround you!