A Church with a Heart for our Community

2018 April 10th Tuesday

Greetings to you in the name of the One who works ‘miracles’, Jesus Christ – THE Risen Saviour! I trust that you had a good weekend and Monday with lots to thank God for…He really wants to know how much you enjoy who He is and what He does. As we are still in the Easter season I will be praying for, asking Father to meet you in the ‘waiting moments’ of your week. Whether you are waiting at a doctor’s office or in a line up at the grocery store or on a telephone hold,..simply ask God to be present with you as you wait.

On Sunday night we went to a concert in London – Johnny Reid was the performer. We were able to do a little ‘time-travelling’ for it was back in 2010…8 years ago, that Johnny Reid released a song that had a profound effect on our thinking. The song – Today I.m gonna try and change the world – had phrases and action points like – I’m gonna say hello to my neighbour-Greet him with a smile-Say hello to a stranger-Sit and talk for a while-Tell someone I love them from the bottom of my heart-One day at a time-try and see myself through another’s eyes-Teach my children right from wrong-Today I’m gonna try and change the world-Not just for myself but for those I’ll leave behind. He, of course, sang it Sunday night and I was reminded of how simple and yet profound the sentiments were…and how much like the teaching of Jesus. 

And I was challenged, as the song says…one day at a time! Trying to change the world, attempting to make a difference requires a steady, daily commitment and will spend more strength and energy than I can muster up. I need a flow of supernatural power…and that is the after-Easter message – we cannot do it alone, this life requires more than we can conjure up in ourselves. Jesus told his followers – wait for the ‘power supplier’ – the Holy Spirit and while you are ‘waiting’ let go of your thinking that you can do it on your own! Remember, as God told Jeremiah – I have a plan…and it is a good plan.

May your ‘waiting moments’ today bring you unexpected results!